Terms and Conditions
Career Forum.net (hereinafter referred to as "CFN") is administered by DISCO International, Inc. ("DISCO International" or "we"). In order to become a registered member of CFN, you are required to agree to abide by the following rules.
Article 1
Career Forum.Net(CFN)
Career Forum.net ("CFN") is the service run by DISCO International to provide career opportunity information on the internet (at http://www.careerforum.net/). The service includes the distribution of e-mails of information including "CFN PRESS," which distributes e-mail messages with information helpful for job hunting activities and enhancement of career development.
Article 2
A CFN Member ("Member" or "you") means a person who applied to CFN to become a member and has been approved by DISCO International.
Article 3
Acceptance of the Rules
By registration, you are deemed to have agreed upon the contents of all the rules herein. You may receive information (including e-mails) various career opportunities from DISCO International and/or its group companies, employment information of various companies that have retained us, and other information helpful for job hunting and enhancement of career development as well as various surveys and ads of products helpful for job hunting activities. You are deemed to have agreed to receive such information.
Article 4
Changes in Registration Method and Withdrawal
You may change, add to and remove the descriptions of your registration at any time with no obligation; provided, however, that your will be responsible for your own registration descriptions. Further, your may withdraw from the registration with no obligation at any time. In order to withdraw from registration, you shall take the designated procedures on line.
Article 5
Prohibited Conduct
You may not do any of the following with CFN:
  1. Register false information,
  2. Reproduce, sell, publish or utilize in any other manner the information provided by CFN and DISCO International beyond personal use,
  3. Engage in information supply for profit,
  4. Engage in conduct that infringes intellectual property rights belonging to other Members or third parties,
  5. Engage in any conduct that harms property, privacy and other things of other members or third parties, criminal act or any other conduct contrary to public decency and morality,
  6. Engage in any conduct that disrupts the administration of CFN, or harms, or may harm, the credibility of DISCO International, and
  7. Forward the e-mail magazine sent by CFN to a third party.
Article 6
Removal of Registration
DISCO International reserves the right to discontinue its service and remove the registration at any time without prior notice if it believes that you violated the rules herein.
Article 7
Personal Information
  1. Definition of Personal Information
    "Personal Information" means information related to you, consisting of, but not limited to, your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, school currently enrolled in or graduated from, and any other descriptions that identify you (including information that alone does not identify you, but may identify you if checked up along with other information).
  2. Purpose of the use of personal information
    We are committed to do our best in management of Personal Information. As a general rule, we do not use Personal Information for any purposes other than the service related to CFN.

    On the other hand, DISCO International and DISCO, Inc., a parent company of DISCO International, may use jointly the personal information. In case of DISCO handles the personal information as the joint user, DISCO shall properly use and manage the personal information in accordance with the requirements of JIS Q 15001 and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information coming into force in Japan.
    • Items of the personal information used jointly
       Name, address, phone number, university name, etc.
    • Scope of the joint users
       DISCO, Inc.
    • Purpose for which the personal information is used by the joint users
       Within the scope of the purpose specified hereinabove
    • Name of the individual or entity responsible for the management of the personal data concerned
       DISCO International, Inc.
    • Acquisition method
       Any personal information to be acquired by us in writing or oral method for example internet, letter, phone and/or interview, etc.

    After cancelling your membership to CFN, registered personal information will be stored for up to one year from the date of cancellation for the purpose of companies that you had applied to can view and contact you. This information will be safely stored by CFN in accordance with an industry standard website security protocol intended to prevent unauthorized access and will only be used for the above purpose. Companies that you had applied to may send an email or inquiry via CFN system during this time. Once the year has passed, the information will be deleted, except to the extent need to maintain such information for legally required or permitted business record-keeping purposes as well as to carry out any of your requests applicable to your post-membership period (for example, to maintain "do not contact" list of those who "opt-out" of being contacted with future marketing materials, announcement and/or offers). You understand companies that have sent you an e-mail or inquiry via the CFN system will see and be able to make a record of your personal information. You consent to CFN furnishing such information to those companies and acknowledge those companies may use your information to directly contact you at any time notwithstanding your membership cancellation.
  3. Items of Personal Information to be Provided to Companies after On-Line Application
    When you apply to companies through CFN, the following information registered as Member information will be provided to the companies as an applicant’s data. Provided to companies, the Personal Information will be handled by each of them for communication and other purposes during the screening process. You may contact individual companies you are applying to directly as to their handling of Personal Information in their possession. The companies enrolled in CFN are prohibited to use Personal Information obtained via CFN for any purposes other than their employment activities.
    * Items of Personal Information Provided to Companies at the Time of Application
    ・ Prefix
    ・ Last Name
    ・ First Name
    ・ E-mail
    ・ Japanese E-mail Readable
    <Current Address>
    ・ Country
    ・ State/Prov./Pref.
    ・ Address
    ・ City
    ・ Zip/Postal Code
    ・ Home Phone
    ・ Daytime Phone (Optional)
    <Alternative Contact> (Optional)
    ・ Country
    ・ State/Prov./Pref.
    ・ Address
    ・ City
    ・ Zip/Postal Code
    ・ Home Phone

    ・ Language Skill
    ・ Full-Time Work Experience
    ・ Work Permit

    ・ Country
    ・ State/Prov./Pref.
    ・ University
    ・ Major Category
    ・ Major
    ・ Degree
    ・ Graduation Date
    ・ GPA (Optional)
    <Work History>
    ・ Full-time Work Experience
    ・ Company Name (Optional)
    ・ Type of Business
    ・ Business Description
    ・ Position Title
    ・ Period at Position
    ・ Job Category
    ・ Career Level
    ・ Employment Type
    ・ Job Description

    *Response to application terms
    *Questions for applicants

    Information marked as (Optional) will be rendered only if you provide the information. The items with * will be provided only if companies require them for application.
  4. What if You do not Give Us Your Personal Information
    Registration or entry of your personal information is on a voluntary basis. Some of our service may be unavailable if you do not provide information on items required to receive the certain part of our service.
  5. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
    We may entrust handling of your personal information to any third party. As a general rule, we do not disclose to third parties without your agreement your Personal Information registered. We may disclose such information only with your agreement after confirming the identity of the receiver and the nature of the information sought; provided, however, that we may disclose registered information without your consent to the extent not legally prohibited if;
    (1) Cases in which the provision of personal information is based on laws
    (2) Cases in which the provision of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
    (3) Cases in which the provision of personal information is specially necessary for improving public hygiene or promoting the sound growth of children and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
    (4) Cases in which the provision of personal data is necessary for cooperating with a state institution, a local public body, or an individual or entity entrusted by one in executing the operations prescribed by laws and in which obtaining the consent of the person might impede the execution of the operations concerned

  6. Third Parties
    The parties set forth in the following paragraphs shall not be considered third parties under the provisions of this Article when they receive your Personal Information.
    (1) You give your Personal Information to a certain company using the functions of CFN or any other means, or
    (2) The registered descriptions other than your identity information have happened to reveal your identity.

  7. Disclaimers
    DISCO International will be responsible in no way for a third party’s acquiring your Personal Information if;
    (1) You give your Personal Information to a certain company using the functions of CFN or any other means, or
    (2) The registered descriptions other than your identity information have happened to reveal your identity.
  8. Statistics
    DISCO International may create a statistics database, based on the provided Personal Information, in a format that does not reveal the identity of individuals, and make use of the database without any restrictions.
  9. Cookies
    When you access our website, CFN may send to you computer information called a cookie or cookies, which will be saved on your hard disk or in the memory. A cookie or cookies are used to provide better services including expected member service, highly value added service and the ad management system. They will not cause any harm to your privacy or the environment for the usage of your computer.

  10. Person’s rights concerning your personal information
    If you request to us the purpose of utilization of retained personal information, disclosure of retained personal information, correction, addition, or deletion of the content of retained personal information, discontinuance of the use or erasure of retained personal information, or discontinuance of the provision to a third party of retained personal information, you may contact to the following URL.
    Contact: http://www.careerforum.net/contact.asp?lang=E
Article 8
Scout Service
Our recruiting service, Scout, allows CFN company users to view Scout resumes posted by CFN members. Companies can then send emails to their candidates of interest. Only CFN members who voluntarily register their Scout resume will be able to utilize this service.

Information on the Scout resumes to be posted -
The following content will be viewable to the recruiters in the “Scout resumes’.” Members are solely responsible for their registration content. DISCO International, Inc., will not be held responsible for any impairment (mental or emotional damage, the discontinuation of job-hunting, or other financial troubles) caused by the registered content.
* Information on the Scout resumes to be posted
・ PR Comment
・ Salary
・ Residing Country
・ Work Permit
・ Language Level
・ Other Skill
・ Preferences
・ Country
・ State/Prefecture
・ University
・ Major Category
・ Major
・ Official name of Major
・ Degree
・ Graduation Date
・ GPA(optional)
・ Detail
-Work History
・ Full-time Work Experience
・ Company Name(optional)
・ Type of Business
・ Business Description
・ Position Title
・ Period at Position
・ Job Category
・ Career Level
・ Employment Type
・ Job Discription
・ Key Words
・ Employers to Block
Information on blocking the disclosure of your resume from selected companies - You can prevent the disclosure of your resume to selected companies. However, if the selected company merges or changes its name, it will be your responsibility to update the name of the blocked company. We can not guarantee that this function will continue to block companies from viewing your Scout resume now or in the future. By registering your Scout resume, you, as a CFN member, understand that it will be your responsibility to maintain and monitor your own block. DISCO International, Inc., will not be responsible for any damage – aforementioned or otherwise - due to this function.
Article 9
Messaging Service
You shall agree to receive messages from companies and schools, and direct mail of employment information.
Article 10
Liability of DISCO International
DISCO International shall not be held liable for any damage (including, but not limited to, emotional distress, an interruption in your job-hunting activities and any other disadvantage including a monetary loss) arising from your registration with CFN, use thereof, information provided by a third party and other activities, unless such damage was caused by intention or gross negligence of DISCO International. Further, DISCO International shall not be obligated to re-send its e-mail magazine and other materials in case they become garbled and illegible.
Article 11
Force Majeure
DISCO International shall not be held liable for any damage suffered due to causes beyond its control including, but not limited to, damage from computer virus attacks which cannot be prevented by ordinary preventive measures and natural disasters. DISCO International does not guarantee the data stored at CFN will not be deleted or modified by such an act of force majeure.
Article 12
Liability to Third Parties
If you cause a third party or third parties any damage by your registration with CFN or use thereof, you shall be responsible for a solution. DISCO International will not bear any responsibility in such a case.
Article 13
If you violate the rules herein and, whether directly or indirectly, cause a loss to DISCO International, you shall be obligated to indemnify all the loss to DISCO International.
Article 14
DISCO International may transfer, or cause to transfer, hereunder to a third party the status hereunder without your consent by providing a prior notice at the CFN website; DISCO International may assign, or cause to assign, hereunder to a third party the rights hereunder without your consent by providing a prior notice at the CFN website; and DISCO International may delegate, or cause to delegate, hereunder to a third party the obligations hereunder without your consent by providing a prior notice at the CFN website
Article 15
Changes in the Member Service
1. You agree that DISCO International may change or temporarily halt its service to you without a prior notice.
2. DISCO International may halt for a long period of time or discontinue its entire service by giving a notice one month prior thereto.
Article 16
Change to the Rules
DISCO International may change the rules herein as needed. The changes shall be considered accepted by all the Members after being displayed at the CFN website for one month.
Article 17
Governing Laws
These rules shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York, and construed and interpreted thereunder.
Article 18
Any dispute arising in connection with these rules that cannot be settled by agreement shall be finally settled by arbitration. The arbitration shall be held in New York, New York and conducted in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association then existing. Judgment on the arbitration award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction over the subject matter of the controversy.
Article 19
These rules may be translated into English for convenience purposes. The original of the rules shall be in Japanese.