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Why attend the Career Forum?

For Japanese-English bilingual students and mid-career professionals, it is difficult to find employment in Japan without physically being in Japan. The different recruiting season for new graduates, distance, and the limited job information available are some of the disadvantages one must face.

For companies, there is a growing need for talented global-minded candidates as companies diversify and expand into the global market. Also with the decrease in population in Japan's work force, companies in Japan are looking globally to find talented candidates to work in their companies.

The Career Forum brings Japanese-English bilinguals more career opportunities and allows companies to meet with a variety of talented candidates all in one place. There is no other job fair like the Career Forum with some companies hiring Japanese-English bilinguals only through the Career Forum.

For Japanese "ryugakusei" and Japanese-English bilinguals of any nationality, the Career Forum has become one of the most important and reliable career tools for finding career opportunities in Japan. The Career Forum is a must-not-miss event.

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Over 400 world-class companies participate to aggressively recruit global-minded Japanese-English bilinguals   Meet and interview with big corporations that rarely participate in job fairs as well as popular companies only a few percentage can meet with in Japan due to fierce competition.   Each Career Forum slightly differs from one another, allowing candidates to participate in several and increasing one' career opportunities.