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Things to do before the Career Forum
With limited opportunities for companies to meet with Japanese-English bilinguals outside of Japan, many companies aggressively recruit jobseekers by holding not just first-round interviews, but second and third-round interviews during the Career Forum. For this reason, preparation prior to the Career Forum and communication between candidates and companies become an important part of the job searching process.

Event Registration

Make sure you are registered for the event. CFN membership is necessary to register for any of the Career Forums. If you are not a CFN member, please click here.

Apply to the Travel Scholarship

After you have finished the event registration, apply for the travel scholarship. DISCO International grants travel scholarships to qualified Japanese-English bilingual undergraduate, graduate students and experienced professionals to help defray the costs of attending the Career Forum. Although limited, the travel scholarship has given many jobseekers from all over the United States, Canada, Europe and even Japan the opportunity to attend the Career Forum and find the career of their choice.

Create a CFN online resume

The information entered when you first registered to CFN will become part of your online resume. This resume will be the resume used when applying to companies online. Please make sure it is up-to-date and correct. To change or update your online resume at anytime, please go to your "My CFN" and select "update My Resume."

Check list of participating companies / research

Check which companies are participating at CFN. Make sure to check not only the company profile, but also the available positions and application requirements.

Online application

Apply online to any companies of interest. Sending in your resume prior to the event will make a difference in how you conduct your job search at the event.

Know yourself

To interview with confidence, you must make sure you know yourself well. Some key points you should be able to explain in clarity, are your strengths and weaknesses, what you have learned from studying abroad, and how you have grown. Knowing your values and why you match what the company is looking for will be key points in marketing yourself to the company.

Create English/Japanese resume

Your resume is your business card. Make sure to have at least 20 copies more than the number of companies you expect to meet. Drop off your resume when you visit a company's booth or exchange with people you wish to keep in contact with. If you have not yet created a resume, please do so as soon as possible. Have both your English and Japanese resumes ready as some companies may ask for English and/or Japanese resume.

Interviewing Manners

Frequently asked questions during interviews

If you were the recruiter, what type of person would you want to hire? What would determine whether someone has potential, or it you would want to work with them? Recruiters look at a variety of things such as grades, skills, leadership, sense of humor, etc. However, in essence, they are only looking for 2 main values: 1. Who are you? 2. What do you want to do? Why this company? Any question a recruiter asks will ultimately come back to these two values.

Print out a name badge and admission tickets

In order to enter the Career Forum event hall, you must show your name badge and admission ticket(s). Your name badge and admission ticket(s) can be printed online through your My CFN.

Reserve hotel/air ticket

Once you have decided to participate in the Career Forum, please make your travel arrangements (flight, hotel, rental car, etc.) as soon as possible. Sometimes the Career Forum is held during a busy tourist season or convention season, making it harder to make arrangements. Also, the price of airline tickets increases as the event approaches. Don't let travel arrangements dampen this opportunity. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to plan your travels.

Attire / things to bring

Professional business attire is required for all Career Forum participants. Jeans, T-shirts and sneakers are not permitted at the event. Although not required, many participants wear black, navy, or gray-colored suits to the Career Forum. Female participants have worn either skirts or pants. Accessories and hairstyles should reflect the professionalism you wish to show.