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Utilizing the CFN website
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Utilizing the CFN website!
The Career Forum is not an event just to attend. Prior preparation is the key to getting positive results at the Career Forum. Utilizing CFN will definitely keep you one step ahead of the crowd.

 Event Registration


First you must register for the event in order to attend. Simply register with you CFN email address and password. If you are not a CFN member, please click here. CFN membership is necessary to register for any of the Career Forums.

By registering -
Receive company information and seminar details from participating companies as well as most up-to-date event information to your My CFN*
Apply to company of interest online prior to the event.
Conduct interviews or watch seminars online by web camera
Apply to the travel scholarship
* My CFN

organize and maintain their mailbox and application history, all in one place

 Apply to participating companies online

To fully utilize the time at the event, more companies are setting up appointments prior to the event with candidates who had applied online. Do not miss this opportunity and apply to companies. Even if you do not hear back from a company, you will still be able to visit their booth during the event.

Make an early impression by applying online to companies of interests. Do not wait until the event to approach companies.

Because some companies use the online application as part of their screening process, please make sure all information on your resume is complete and correct. Applications can only be sent once to each company. Once you have applied to a company, you will not be able to make changes or delete your application.

 Attend the Career Forum


All participants will have the opportunity to meet with the companies at their booths whether or not one has an appointment prior to the event. Although quite a few companies participate, the average number of companies a candidate can visit during the event is 8 companies. We recommend creating a list of companies you wish to visit and prioritizing them. This will help keep you on track and utilize your time well at the event.